IMJ Artifacts

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[TEST] Incense burner in the form of a jaguar-man transformation figure
Zoomorphic Incense Burner
Wood Man
Woman of Venice VI
Woman in Front of the Sea
Venus Restored
Venus and Cupid
Venus (Aphrodite)
Untitled (Last Supper)
Un Effet de Soleil, Ocean no. 23
Torah Ornaments
Torah mantle
The Weeping Woman
The Sun at Croton
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (El sueno de la razon produce monstruos)
The Shadow on the Woman
The Sea of Galilee
The Priestly Benediction on a silver amulet
The King Playing With the Queen
The Horse Abducter, a Woman, and a Horse, Let Someone Else Master Them
The Goddess Tara
The Flight of [De]Light (Le vol de lupté)
The Fire Dance
The Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem
The Cycle of Time VI
The Castle of the Pyrenees
The Apparently Dead, My Palettes of Eternal Regret
The 18 Levels
Test IMJ Artifact
Study for Balzac, nude
Stone Mould for casting Horned Goddess
Still Life with Musical Instruments and Books
Stela Decorated with a Bulls head
Statue of Young Satyr
Statue of Roman General
Statue of Hadrian
Standing Figure in Iron Cage
St. Peter in Prison
Space That Sees
Sheaving the Wheat
Sassoon Spanish Haggadah
Rule of Community Scrolls
Royal Name Scarab
Rose Bleed
Priestly Benediction on a Silver Amulet
Portrait of a Family in a Landscape
Port of Old Jaffa
Pond with Water Lilies
Pierre de Wiessant, Large Model (burgher of Calais)
Persian Horn Rhyton
ossuary of caiaphas
Observatory Time - The Lovers
Ngil mask
Necklace (Ogadero)
Mother and Child No.1: Reaching for Apple
Mother and Child
Mosaic Pavement
Mosaic floor
Minotaur Caressing a Sleeping Woman (Minotaure caressant une dormeuse)
Menorah, incense altar, and shewbread table
Map of the Holy Land
Man On A Horse
Madonna and Child Holding Carnations (after Raphael)
Madonna and Child (Sunita and Enver)
Love (L'Amour)
Lost Subject
Lioness and cubs Signed by Riza Abbasi
lion sculpture
Leda and the Swan Sarcophagus
Landscape with Dog
L'Amour of Venice
Krumau - Crescent of Houses (The Small City V)
Krumau - Crescent of Houses (The Small City V)
Knight, Death and the Devil
King David Playing the Lyre
Jerusalem Horse
Incense burner in the form of a jaguar-man transformation figure
Horse Woman (Femme cheval)
Heel bone pierced by an iron nail
Hebrew Lesson, Palestine
Head of Athena
Head of Alexander
Head and torso of a crucified Christ 12th-13th centuries Lebanon
Hanukkah Lamp
Hagar and the Angel in the Wilderness
Great Dress
Gold-Glass Base (2)
Gold-Glass Base
Gold Jewelry
Girl Holding Lemons
Fourth Portrait of Peggy Jean (Asleep)
Fluttering Hearts (Coeurs volants)
Figurine of a pregnant woman (Beersheba Venus)
Figurine from Berekhat Ram
Eos XK3
Elijah's Chair
Ecce Homo
Dust Breeding
Double-headed female figure (moai aringa)
Double Identity
Death of Adonis The Death of Adonis (with Venus, Cupid, and the Three Graces)
cult stand with musicians
Cubi VI
Country House by the Water
Costume of a Jewish Woman
Constructed Head No. 2
Come to Palestine
Canaanite fertility figurine
calf and model shrine
Caesarea Jewelry Hoard
Burial Mask, Peru
Boys initiation mask (keweke)
Bowl with Pair of Ibex
Black Supper
Birds Head Haggadah
Before the Storm
Ashdoda Figurine
Apple Core
Anthropoid Sarcophagi
Angelus Novus
Angelo Angelo
Altar to the Chases High School (Autel Chases)