ossuary of caiaphas

Ossuary of the High Priest Joseph Caiaphas
North Talpiot, Jerusalem, Israel
1st century CE
29 x 74 cm
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: IAA 91-468

Photo © IMJ, by Avraham Hay

Joseph Caiaphas, high priest from 18 to 36 CE, was a member of the Caiaphas clan and the son-in-law of the high priest Annas. He is chiefly known for his involvement in the arrest of Jesus, described in detail in the New Testament. The Gospels relate that while Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Passover festival, he was arrested and brought to the house of Joseph Caiaphas, where he spent the night. The following day, after interrogation, Caiaphas delivered Jesus to the Roman authorities. Inscription: “Joseph son of Caiaphas”

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